Necessity of Having Experts in an App Support’s 1st Line Support


Experts in 1st Line Support Team is an Important Thing to Accomplish

                Seeing your customer satisfaction plunging with great amount is the very last thing you want to happen with your app. You may have overlooked it, but the first line support team is actually a big factor that could greatly affect your user’s satisfaction, especially when there is a problem that they want to solve. That is why you should definitely assemble a team of proficient and competent experts for your 1st line support personnel.


Factors that Shows the Importance of having Experts in First Line Support Staff

                There are significant factors in the line 1 support team that can surely affect the customer’s satisfaction. You should consider these points, for you to keep your app’s ratings on good standings:


·         Attitude

No one wants to talk with a grumpy or gloomy customer support service, and all professional support staff are well aware of such fact. Your helpdesk and other line 1 personnel should maintain a cheerful attitude, especially while talking with a customer. This is true even if the customer is already on a bad mood because of his or her problem upon calling. Moreover, patience is also something they should observe.


·         Great Communication Skills

Your line 1 support personnel should also have a professional communication skill, especially in knowing more about a customer’s concern. Of course, an issue could be solved easier when all details are taken note. Moreover, a user can better follow your staff’s instruction if those are relayed properly and clearly.


·         Knowledge about the App

Of course, even your line 1 personnel should have enough knowledge of your app. Although they are not required to cover the far more complex stuff such as network issues and coding, they should have enough skills in handling basic issues. They should know how to do basic trouble shooting and some other simple solutions. After all, the goal of your whole technical support team is to solve a user’s problem as fast as possible, and it is best if it could happen on the first line support right away.


·         Availability

When a customer needs to solve a problem with your app, they need assistance right away. This is regardless of the time and date that they require your help. Thus, you should have shifting team that could serve round the clock, and they should have enough numbers to cater as much users at once.



        Form your team of experts 1st line support right away! This can let your technical support team to solve a user’s concern as quick as possible, with enough proficiency on coming up with solutions. Thus, you can expect your customer satisfaction ratings to remain on the top ranks.